Debbie Hauri of Mata Hauri Basenjis

About Debbie Hauri
of Mata Hauri Basenjis

My goal is to breed sweet, trainable, healthy, and beautiful basenjis that the whole family can enjoy. I am always available to help my owners with questions. My first basenji led me to change my profession from high school teacher to dog trainer and groomer, and I opened a training, grooming and boarding facility all because of one naughty little basenji!

I bought my first basenji from the Phemisters after doing as much research as possible. I had read the “Saturday Evening Post” short story “Weep No More My Lady” in 8th grade and never forgot it.  The short story became “Good Bye My Lady,” both a book and movie, and I saw the basenji and fell in love! At the time, I had a German Shepherd and horses. However, years later, when I had a family and young children, my shepherd died and I wanted a smaller dog for my children. I researched medium-sized breeds. I didn’t want to deal with barking and hair shedding and I wanted a sturdy dog. I didn’t want a show dog (although I should have known that I had the show “bug” since I had shown dogs and horses before I was married), but I wanted to have a litter for my children, so I wanted a really good dog. How many of us start that way?

Even with all of my research I was not prepared for some of the antics of that first basenji! However, that was when I set my current goals. I wanted a basenji that could be a good pet first, and second, be healthy, and then, be beautiful. Since I was a Biology major in college, genetics was a subject I loved, and over the years I was surprised at some of the things determined by genetics, like basic temperament. I also learned how important early socialization is for all dogs, especially the basenji.

Please contact me if you are interested in owning one of my wonderful Mata Hauri basenjis.

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